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BGRS and SIRVA Class Action Lawsuit

A proposed national class action has been commenced against the the federal government, BGRS Limited and SIRVA on behalf of all current and former RCMP members, members of the Canadian Armed Forces and other individuals working for the federal government who used relocation services provided by BGRS and/or SIRVA.  If you used the relocation services between 1999 and 2023, your sensitive personal and financial information may have been compromised in a major cyberbreach.

The plaintiff asserts that the federal government, BGRS and SIRVA failed to adequately protect the personal information and kept it long after the relocation services had been provided and there was no need to retain it. 

The Cyber Security Breach

The action arises out of a cyber security breach that occurred in or about September 2023.

The claim alleges that, on or about September 29, 2023, both vendors experienced a ransomware cyberattack where cybercriminals obtained complete access to their computer systems, including files for every person who used either vendors’ relocation services between at least 1999 and 2023.  

The claim alleges that the stolen information includes individual’s names, contact information (address), passport details and financial information. The claim further alleges that the information, all 1.5 terabytes of it, has now been published on the dark web and is available to bad actors.