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LifeLabs Data Breach Class Action Registration

Please note that you should only register if you are a Canadian resident and had blood tests or urine tests which were sent to Life Labs for analysis or you visited a LifeLabs location or a LifeLabs Genetics location or a Rocky Mountain Analytical location BEFORE NOVEMBER 1, 2019.

Have you visited a LifeLabs, LifeLabs Genetics or Rocky Mountain Analytical location for a test before November 1, 2019? *

How frequently would you go for a test? *

Did you register as a user for Lifelabs online service(s)? Please select all that apply. *

If you did not visit a LifeLabs location, did you have blood drawn at another healthcare provider, i.e., hospital, medical clinic, private and/or public lab provider?

If yes, did the other healthcare provider send testing to LifeLabs?

Did you provide LifeLabs with your health card information sometime in 2016 or earlier? *

Did you have tests conducted at a LifeLabs in Ontario in 2016? *

Have you received a letter/email from LifeLabs directly notifying you about how you were affected in the Breach? *

If you were notified, are you one of the 85,000 customers in Ontario whose test results were compromised in the cyber-attack?

Did you sign up for free cyber security protection for up to one year from TransUnion offered by LifeLabs, which includes credit monitoring and fraud insurance protection? *

Have you received notice from a credit reporting service concerning any unauthorized transactions since October 2019? *

Have there been any unauthorized transactions or applications for credit on your credit report since October 2019? *

Have you experienced financial harm because of someone using your credit information and/or personal information since October 2019, which you attribute to the breach? *

Have you experienced increased spam emails or suspicious emails since October 2019 (i.e. spear phishing emails) inviting you to click on the link, which are from senders pretending to be organizations you have contacted in the past? *

Have you purchased a credit protection product at your own expense because of the Breach?

Have you tried to contact LifeLabs to find out how the breach has affected you? *

Have you spent any time doing any of the following in responding to the LifeLabs privacy breach? *

a. Applying for credit monitoring services and/or identity protection services?

b. Monitoring credit reports issued by credit reporting services?

c. Placing credit flag/fraud alerts with credit reporting companies?

d. Prolonged credit transactions due to the credit flags?

e. Changing passwords?

f. Notifying financial institutions?

Has any of your personal information collected by LifeLabs been disclosed on the internet? *

Has anyone contacted you threatening to release your test results? *

Did you ever pay a fee directly to LifeLabs for its services? * (if yes, please contact us immediately)

If so, for what kind of service did you pay a fee?

Were you reimbursed for the fees by a private healthcare provider?

Are you willing to be a representative plaintiff in this class action? *

I consent to receive email notifications from Charney Lawyers about the law firm’s services and information about proposed class actions to the email that I provided. I understand that I can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of these emails.

I acknowledge that by registering on this system, I have consented to receiving email notifications about the class action, the law firm’s services and class actions where Charney Lawyers is counsel to the email address that I provided.*

For more information, please visit Charney Lawyers.

Note: You are not obliged to fill in this form to participate in this class action. If you choose to do so, you are not retaining Charney Lawyers PC to act on your behalf. Providing the information requested does not make you a client of Charney Lawyers PC. All information submitted will be treated as confidential and will only be released as required by law or as you may consent.